• Clearer skin naturally. Use to live only 15 minutes per day for 12 weeks skin clearing power of blue and red ligh.
  • Natural body care treatment in your hom.
  • Alternative to costly antibiotics and topical creams safe, painless way
  • Built in handle and stand

This breakthrough personal care device uses the power of light to stimulate the body’s own natural processes to help the skin and to improve your acne on forehead.

European researchers found that blue and red light, the power to safely and effectively destroy bacteria, which has deeply into the skin and reduce inflammed skin pores.

The ClearWave Deluxe combines nature with technology by isolating the natural healing powers of the sun blue and red light waves, without harmful UV rays for a very natural way better looking skin.

Use the ClearWave Deluxe only 15 minutes daily for 12 weeks just to experience the power of skin clearing blue and red light.

- Natural body care treatment in your home.

- Alternative to costly antibiotics and topical creams.

- Safe, painless and simple.

- Built in handle-portable, wall mountable-space saver.

- Special blue and red lights included.

- Red light has anti-inflammatory effect on inflamed skin pores.

- Blue light removes bacteria that causes forehead acne.

Verilux ClearWave Deluxe Acne Light

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