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Laser Treatment For Acne Scarring

Many people can control their forehead acne with creams and other products and for many, acne almost completely vanishes once they reach their mid-twenties or so. However, some people seem to be cursed with acne on forehead for life. Even worse, sometimes acne scars. This means that even if the acne totally vanishes, the scars it leaves behind are there for life. But a good alternative may be acne laser treatment.

These scars are caused by the body’s response to the various bacteria, dead skin cells, and sebum that have clogged up your pores.
These scars can either be depressed, sunken areas or raised bumps of tissue. Years ago, getting rid of these scars meant undergoing painful dermabrashion or harsh chemical peels, but now, forehead acne scar laser treatment can remove the scars with little pain.

Forehead acne laser treatment – Pros and cons
But before considering acne laser treatment it is important that you go over the pros and cons.
But, if you have gone through the normal regimen of creams, lotions, and medications without much success then you may find yourself considering acne laser treatment as a useful option. Though the procedure is a relatively new one, it has had some very good results for those who have had little or no success in the past with other treatments.

First let’s take a look at the benefit part of the list when we go over the pros and cons of this laser treatment. The good news is that the actual treatment are both quick and almost completely painless. You may be worried about the fact that it is considered to be a surgical procedure, but the truth is that it is done on an outpatient basis and does not take more than an hour to complete and some people have even been known to go in for treatments on their lunch breaks. The recovery time is short and the end results leave you with almost no scars on forehead or the other part of the body.

There are also disadvantages that also worth considering. While the forehead acne treatment does not take very long to complete it can require several procedures before it has a long term affect. This can delay the end result, meaning that it could possibly be months before you were able to see the whole effect. Overall the largest discriminating factor for this type of treatment is the sheer cost as a single treatment can be very expensive.

I recommend that before coming to any firm decision you should discuss the pros and cons of acne laser treatment with your doctor and see if it is right for you.

Cost of Acne Laser Treatment

Getting acne laser treatment may sound incredibly expensive, but the truth is that it’s really no more costly than other cosmetic surgeries. There are several different types of laser treatments. The difference is in the type of laser used. Generally, these different types of treatments cost about the same.

So how much money does it cost to laser away those scars and pimples? Well, it’s about $500 for a session, which generally lasts around 20 minutes, although some treatments can be much more. That does sound like a lot of money, but if you break it down, it really isn’t. You may pay around $10 or so for the best forehead acne creams out there, maybe more if you use prescription creams.

If you do the math, you’ll see that $500 really isn’t that much since you may spend that in a year on other acne treatments. With laser forehead acne treatment, you won’t be buying any acne creams afterwards, nor will most patients need follow-up treatment. But some patients also mentioned poor results after this laser treatment.

While forehead acne scar laser treatment isn’t a perfect, 100% method of removing acne scars, it is much more successful than previous scars treatments. The recovery time isn’t that long, although it may take longer depending on how severe your scarring is. The pain is far less than dermabrasion and the results are better, so while it may take a few treatments, almost all patients see results very soon.




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