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Forehead Acne Symptoms

What are some common forehead acne symptoms?

Surprisingly, acne symptoms can go way beyond that typical pimple.
As forehead is one of the most exposed parts of our face, the skin pores of the forehead are always on the verge of getting affected by dusts. This exposure blocks the skin pores and leads to the formation of whiteheads and blackheads. These whiteheads and blackheads then convert into forehead acne.

Acne on forehead appears with a red spot and gets developed into pimples overtime which contains fatty acids. If treated in time then the pimples subside and fade disappear. But, if ignored, they can turn into acne, the scars of which are difficult to erase. Further, forehead acne can have demoralizing effects on a persons with this disease.

For those that suffer from acne on forehead, their first priority is to find a quick manner of getting rid of the symptoms. And whilst washing the infected area on your face many times a day can help a little, if you have suffered an out break your going to need to use a better and advanced method.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of the symptoms, is the boil method. But how it works? Just boil the kettle and pour some boiling hot water onto a flannel. Then you need to let it cool off before placing it over your forehead. After that, i recommend to get some ice cubes and put them on the infected pores.

Generally, pimples are caused because they have quite oily skin. If this is the case with you, then it would be better that you use hazel and lemon juice as a way of getting rid of that oil.

Something else that you may want to try, is mixing just a little bit of baking soda with some distilled water and massaging this mixture onto your face. This has been known to help remove acne and the scars that are often left behind. However, the results from this kind of treatment are different for different people, and whilst some report that it has had dramatic effects, others state that it did nothing at all. But you may as well give it a go anyway because it’s such an easy one to implement.

My opinion is that it’s always best to try the above methods before you turn to chemical solutions.

I hope that you will take the time to try out some of the ideas I have provided above about forehead acne. And remember, give them a fair go before you dismiss them. They may not seem like they are working at first, but give them time and you will see results.






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