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Forehead Acne Causes

Forehead acne is a banal skin disorder suffered by most of the peoples at some point of activity, a skin disorder that is caused when the pores of the skin amuse blocked, due to unnecessary oil and colorless skin cells.

It’s hard to tell for sure the exact cause of this disease. But we know some of the elements that influence its development, and they are:

- oily skin or hair,
- possibly some nutritional deficiencies,
- some prescription medications,
- heredity,
- cosmetics that contain chemicals and vegetable oil,
- an increased production of male hormones at puberty,
- periods of high stress.

A list of causes:

- Hormonal activity is considered to be responsible for this.

- Increase in androgens which are in fact male sex organs.

- Due to change in hormones at the time of pregnancy may also cause acne.

- The other factor may be attributed to the amassing of the dead skin cell.

- The bacteria in the pores of the skin are also one of the factors for acne on forehead.

- Certain genetic factors can also cause forehead acne. People having a hereditary history of acne attacks are more prone to get affected by this disease.

- A person suffering from high levels of stress and tension can also get acne on forehead.





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